Enhanced Nursing Practices Through Postgraduate Courses in Canada with INSCOL

With over two decades of experience and expertise in training and educating Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) and provision of best-in-class medical services – INSCOL is a leader in providing established pathways for career progression to nurses. The surge for nursing graduates in Canada has opened a stream of opportunities for specialized nurses. There is a great demand for post-graduate registered nurses in Canada who are highly efficient in dealing with critical aspects of multiple disorders and diseasesand handling of terminally/critically ill patients.

Through INSCOL’s nursing postgraduate courses in Canada – the scope and practice for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) has improved many folds. The basic aim of nurses who pursue higher education is to give out professional and expert healthcare service to the ailing individuals. You’ll experience improvement in your skill set and thus, perform better at work.

Nursing study in Canada is being provided with a common goal and objective of imparting knowledge and refining the skills of the nursing personnel. Apart from that, these programs make an individual capable and confident enough to participate in international forums and ably compete with their international counterparts. With a student-centric approach emphasizing on end-to-end services, INSCOL provides the platform to get the best exposure globally towards your quest of becoming one of the most influential healthcare providers in Canada Australia or New Zealand amongst other countries.

Dealing with the Coronary, Critical Care, Complex Care and other nursing programs, INSCOL has an emphasis on making befitting dynamic leaders in the healthcare industry since 2003.


Nursing Leadership and Management Course in Canada – Give the right momentum to your leadership dreams

Peter Drucker said it right, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing right things.” To add more value to your nursing career, the significance of leadership skills and significant education in the same is imperative. It gives you the required experience to lead and manage nursing care facilities in the best possible way. If you are employed or look forward to getting hired in leadership and management roles, enrolling in Nursing Leadership and Management Course in Canada would be of massive benefit. It will not only prepare you to do justice to the role and function carefully in the modern healthcare system, but also grant you the knowledge and skills needed to become an incomparable healthcare leader.

Whether you wish to become a nursing administrator or a nurse manager, you will be able to ensure a high-quality health care system that continually provides safe and efficient care without any hassle. So, if you want to reach the zenith of success at the professional front, get enrolled in one of the nursing leadership programs in Toronto without thinking twice.

You may have faced low wages, outdated equipment, fewer jobs, no professional growth and many other issues until today. However, choosing one of the best nursing leadership programs in Toronto will grant you with incredible professional growth. Right from expanding your skill set to grabbing a superb job opportunity, everything that wasn’t a possibility in the past would become feasible. So, if reaching the leading position in your career is your ultimate dream, the best nursing leadership, and management program in Toronto will help you transform it into a reality.

In the past few years, INSCOL has emerged as the preferred destination of nursing students for Nursing Leadership and Management programs in Canada. INSCOL in partnership with the leading universities & colleges of Canada, is offering different study programs for aspiring nursing students as well as working nursing professionals whow ant to enhance their career overseas. For more details, check the website now!

The Specialised Filipino Nursing Programs promise you career growth and better opportunities

There are many significant factors that are leading the Filipino nurses to start practicing in the developed countries such as the USA and Canada despite the rising needs of their economy. According to a recent survey, Filipino nurses have happened to form an integral part of the American health system, constituting about 6 percent of the total population of the state of California.

Here are the five primary reasons for the migration of proficient Filipino nurses to other countries.

More aspirants and lesser opportunities

Low wages

Use of outdated medical equipment

Limited jobs

Contemptible standard of living

High abandonment rate of elderly patients

Weak economic grounds

Sadly, the aforementioned factors are the main cause for the Filipino nursing aspirants to find a better escape route to prove their mettle. However, the developed economies are doing their bit to support the desires of those who have faith in their potentials.

A range of the best global nursing programs for Filipinos nurses is now offered by the most sought after nursing institutes of the world, based out of the developed countries like the U.S., Canada, U.K, and Australia. As a result of this, the registered nurses from the developing/underdeveloped economies have been able to create a niche in the healthcare sector.

The specialised nursing programs for Filipinos are designed to help the passionate nursing professionals give wings to their nursing dreams and land better opportunities in the leading medical facilities on a global front, seeing that there is a soaring need for the competent nurses in the developed countries.

All of the specialized Filipino nursing programs prepare the enrolled candidates for:

Nursing profession in Canada and other developed countries.

Upgradation of the social skills

Global nursing practices

Clinical experience

From a Registered Degree to Diploma in Nursing, if you are looking forward to building a promising career in nursing, the trusted partners like INSCOL can help you in achcieving your goals.

Source: INSCOL Guidelines, INSCOL’s website, http://www.globalization101.org/the-case-of-the-philippine-nurses/


Specialized international nursing programs in Canada are designed to help you become on par with the existing global nurses

Practicing nursing overseas, or specifically in Canada can offer a variety of opportunities to the professionals besides decent wages. When you undertake well-designed international nursing programs in Canada, you realize the notability of your career path.

From providing nursing graduate programs like the best Gerontology programs for the internationally educated nurses (IEN), Canada is booming in the healthcare sector. Also, as a developed economy, Canada is a home to some of the highly sought nursing institutes with a variety of specialized nursing programs in:

– Critical Care Nursing

– Palliative Care

– Coronary Care

– Nursing Leadership & Management

– Health & Rehabilitation

Extensive training sessions are conducted in the leading nursing institutes of Canada to educate the internationally educated nurses. Some of these specialized nursing programs include clinical placements in complex healthcare settings, thereby giving the nurses the much needed practical application of concepts and theories. Below, are the top four reasons to pursue nursing from Canada.

– Nurses can earn up to 15 times more than the salary offered in the developing countries.

– There are strong laws in Canada to protect the rights of the nurses and ensure a safe working environment.

– Canada is counted amongst the top 10 regarding the best healthcare systems in the world. Thus, it gives opportunities to the nurses to learn techniques on the updated technologies.

– The country has higher education standards for all the professionals. The nurses in Canada have a range of avenues to excel at.

As an aspiring nursing student, if you are looking for someone to provide you end-to-end support to obtain the offer letter from your favorite nursing college, contact INSCOL today.

How Specialized Nursing Programs in Canada help RNs progress in their respective careers?

There are specialized nursing programs in Canada in several disciplines, including critical care nursing, coronary care, health & rehabilitation, nursing leadership & management, and palliative care amongst others. These programs help develop expertise in the chosen nursing field. These courses are offered by independent private institutes like INSCOL in partnership with leading universities and community colleges in Canada. Let’s, for instance, understand how an academic course for nursing in Canada offering  specialization in Critical Care nursing help registered nurses in India progress in their respective careers. On completion of the program, these Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) become capable of serving different roles and hold various positions in different healthcare setups. The nurses study the best global nursing practices, learn inter-professional behavior & skills and update themselves on the latest available technology.

The duration of the Critical Care nursing program like other specialized nursing programs in Canada is one year. The programs aim to develop the knowledge and skills of nurses so that they can provide quality care to patients suffering from any critical illness. The course is divided into two semesters and features the following study topics – cardiac care, critical respiratory care, neurosciences critical care, etc. After completing this specialized nursing program, you can work in intensive units to provide care to patients who are already suffering from a life-threatening injury or disease or are at a very high risk of developing any such condition. You may also be needed to provide care to people who have undergone major surgical procedures.

The programs transform internationally educated nurses into Global Nurses with international education and global experience!

Nursing courses in Toronto (Canada) helps you develop leadership and management skills

Those who have planned to choose nursing as their career path should select the nursing institute after due diligence. To excel in the field of your choosing, you must opt for a leading institute to certify you as a Global Nurse. Canada, a technology-driven and an economically empowered country has rolled out numerous plans for healthcare professionals in the past few years.

Pursuing a nursing course from Toronto in Canada can give you ample number of chances to outshine your peers by setting aside the challenges that are part of the developing countries.

  • Learn to care for the critically ill patients with life-limiting illnesses, terminal diagnosis or cardiovascular diseases.

  • Develop leadership and management skills to assume the roles of nurse managers or nursing administrators.

  • Learn to care for patients, especially elderly from diverse regions in diverse settings.

  • Explore and put into practice the currents trends, modern medical equipment and devices, and other best practices followed by the most prominent hospitals across the globe.

  • Earn comparatively more and better while working in the best medical facilities on a global front.

Should you be a registered nurse from India and striving to build a career that offers promising results, look for the opportunities online.

Nursing Leadership Programs in Toronto to develop your management skills

As per Canadian Nurses Association, ”Leadership plays a pivotal role in the lives of registered nurses and is essential in ensuring the quality client outcomes, especially during a time of health care reform.” This statement reflects on the fact that nursing professionals practicing in various health care facilities should act like eloquent leaders to administer the rising healthcare needs in Canada and around the world indeed. This is conceivable only when they have appropriate preparation, education, and relevant experience to boot.

With an aim to instill the intricate attributes of nursing such as research, teaching, administration, and clinical practice, nursing leadership and management course in Canada have been introduced. This program magnifies the student’s ability to evaluate and analyze the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing leadership and management, promoting key competencies such as collaboration, innovation, decision-making, communication, and teamwork.

On pursuing these nursing leadership programs in Toronto, one is eligible to seize opportunities to work as administrators and managers within premium healthcare facilities. They can serve various top-level positions, including Chief Nursing Officer, Health Officer, Clinical Information Technology Specialist, Administrators & Managers, and Commissioner of Health. Furthermore, research-oriented nursing professionals can seek chief ranks in academic institutions, Government agencies, IT companies and other non-profit organizations.

Though developing leadership traits is a continuous, life-long process, this course places you as a nurse on a high pedestal.