Opt for American Heart Association Program for Advancement in Career

The death rate due to heart attack is exponentially increasing in India. It has reached a stage where nearly three people die of a cardiac arrest every two minutes. According to detailed reports on these deaths, most of the lives could be saved if necessary actions were taken sooner. Heart attack has a distinct pressure attached around it due to which relatives of patients go numb and can’t react positively when there is an emergency case. This ignorance about better handling of a heart attack can be reduced by educating people with specific medical knowledge.

INSCOL, a premier provider of healthcare services across the world, has introduced the American Heart Association Program in various major cities of India – Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi and Chennai. This program focuses on educating nurses, paramedics, doctors, first responders and even general public about basic information related to cardiac arrest. This classroom program teaches individuals about the symptoms and the correct actionable response in case of a heart attack.

There is also a brief test at the end of the session, on the successful completion of which the candidates will be provided with the AHA Basic Life Support Certificate. This certification from the world renowned institute is valid internationally for two years. There are other advanced level programs such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support training offered by INSCOL that train individuals to look after patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest. You can know more about the programs by browsing their website.



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